Firestone Firehawk Sz50 EP RFT Uni-t Tires

Ultra High Performance Passenger Car tire with Run Flat Technology.


  • EPO (Extended Performance Optimization)
  • EPC tread compound
  • 5 degree noise reduction
  • Power V tread pattern
  • 3-ply body construction adds durability
  • Sidewall rubber reinforcement
  • Rim guard
  • Unidirectional pattern design
  • Gold Pledge Limited Warranty
  • Buy & Try 30 Day Guarantee


  • Improves handling in wet or dry conditions and reduces irregular treadwear
  • Minimizes the loss of wet braking and handling performance as the tire wears
  • Significantly reduces tire noise on road surfaces
  • Discharges water for better contact with wet roads and reduced risk of hydroplaning
  • Allows the tire to continue running for up to 50 miles at 55 mph
  • To protect wheels from curb damage
  • Helps the tire hold its original shape to improve high speed capability


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