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Price on Saturday, May 28, 2022:$191.00 each, excluding installation

Maxxis 235/70R16 XL BRAVO HP-M3

All-Season Passenger Car/SUV Touring tire.


* Continuous center rib with slanted sipes * Wide circumferential grooves * Produces a virtual white noise * 70,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (H-Rated) * 60,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (V-Rated) * 50,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (W-Rated)


* Provides better high-speed stability and inclement weather traction * Channel water away from the contact patch, improving hydroplaning resistance * Reduces perceived pattern noise for a quieter ride

Tire Specifications

Load Rating1092271 lbs  (1030 kg) per tire
Speed RatingH130 mph  (210 kph)
Load Capacity2271pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation50PSI
Mileage Warranty70,000
UTQG700 A ATreadwear: 700
Traction: A
Temperature: A

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92 Green Way Drive
Po Box 1676
Sparta NC 28675

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