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Kumho 235/70R16 CRUGEN HT51

All-Weather Highway-Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.


* Stiff center block design * Asymmetrical, four-channel layout and optimal block shape * 3D sipe applications * Zigzag style groove design * New and attractive sidewall design * Carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol * 70,000 Mile Limited Warranty (P-Metric Sizes only) * 45,000 Mile Limited Warranty (LT-Metric Sizes)


* Reinforces stability, traction and handling capabilities for improved straight-line driving performance * Improves tread life * Maximize grip and braking performance which improves stability on snow-covered roads * Improves drainage performance, enhancing driving performance in wet conditions * Modern and contemporary look * Meets the required performance criteria for Use in Severe Snow Conditions

Tire Specifications

Load Rating1062094 lbs  (950 kg) per tire
Speed RatingT118 mph  (190 kph)
Load Capacity2094pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation51PSI
Mileage Warranty70,000
UTQG720 A ATreadwear: 720
Traction: A
Temperature: A

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92 Green Way Drive
Po Box 1676
Sparta NC 28675

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